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Handmade Jewelry

Solid Gold

1. Real gold

2. Very high quality

3. Doesn't Tarnish

4. Expensive

Gold Filled

1. Copper base

2. At least 5% of gold

3. Good quality

4. Tarnish but last a good
enough of time

5. Reasonable Price

Gold Plated

1. Copper or Brass base

2. 0.05% of gold

3. Low quality

4. Tarnish quick

5. Inexpensive

The differences between Golds

There are three types of golds ; real gold, gold filled and gold plated. Most of the material i use for my jewelry is gold filled . As you could see in the the image above it's a very good quality. The base that they usually use is copper however, as long as you do not wet it or put chemicals on the jewelry it should last a good enough of time . Also keep in mind that it's not real gold so eventually it will tarnish ; in some occasions your ph takes some part with the jewelry to tarnish more faster than usual.